Welcome to Nikki's Original Totes...

Where you will find stunning, practical, affordable bags and accessories for countless uses.

Original designs in quality 100% cotton oilcloth, all are handmade by myself here in Devon, England. Exciting fabrics will brighten your day and bring smiles to many faces.

Quintessential gifts for loved ones and friends, you could even treat yourself!

I have over 50 fabric designs to choose from in PVC gloss or soft matt, all only needing a quick wipe with a damp cloth when necessary.

A simple and inexpensive way to update any look, they are ideal bags for all weathers. Strong, lightweight and durable these fold-flat bags are also excellent for holiday getaways.

Please feel free to enter and browse my collection. From all of the hand-held shopping bags, handbags, cross-body and shoulder bags with matching accessories, we're convinced you will find something you like!

Our Oilcloth

Modern oilcloth tends to refer to cotton printed fabrics which are given a hot melt vinyl plastic (PVC) coating in order to get a water resistant and wipe clean finish.

Cotton oilcloth is not to be mistaken with PVC vinyl fabric which is 100% plastic and can rip once sewn.

Cotton oilcloth is a much stronger, hard wearing fabric which makes it ideal for making bespoke bags. This fabric is also easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Oilcloths come in a traditional gloss finish with a high shine, or a subtle matt finish, leaving the result looking more like the original fabric. Both are as strong as each other, however the matt fabric offers more manipulation, making it easier for use with certain bag designs.

Tote Bag

You don't have a tote...  unless it's a Nikki's Original Tote!

Original hand bespoke tote bags for ladies that just know!
Made in the UK designed & made in the UK