the story

The story of Nikki’s Original Totes was born after a year of dramatic changes in my then current job as a Civil Servant.

This led me to rethink my whole career.

I had worked for many years as a Retail Manager for Past Times, a well-known High Street gift company. They had been one of the leading stockists of oilcloth tote bags. When the company closed, my Mum and I decided to act upon the concerns of customers who had been asking as to where they were going to buy tote bags in the future.

Seeing a possible gap in the market, I utilised my sewing skills and the early results were well received.

From humble beginnings, selling at the local Town Hall craft market and friends’ houses, I progressed on to Markets, Fairs and County Shows. Now I attend more than 50 events a year.

Fortunately, the increase in sales and demand coincided with my Mum’s retirement, enabling her to ‘come on board’ permanently!

In 2014 I opened an eBay shop, selling my various handmade products in Britain and all over the world.  My own e-commerce site was the next natural progression.

Tote Bags
Tote Bags
Tote Bags

I have always believed that your accessories should say something about you, whether that be in the co-ordination of your clothes or being happy to share your personality with others. Gorgeous fabrics can help us achieve that.

I am proud to say my items are handmade by myself, right here in Britain, and I have followed each bag through from idea to completed delivered product.

Maintaining the complete opposite of mass production, I use high quality fabrics, all sourced from UK-based suppliers. I have designed & created all my items myself, without the need of patterns. Considering my ‘Cottage Industry’ status, the sheer scale of the variations to choose from needs to be seen to be appreciated.



I would also like to thank my family and friends who have supported me all the way through the ups and downs of this 7 year journey, as well as the people I am yet to meet and gain future knowledge from – I thank you!

I hope you enjoy using your Nikki’s Original Tote bag as much as I have enjoyed making it for you.

Nikki Sharp