what is oilcloth?

Modern oilcloth tends to refer to cotton printed fabrics which are given a hot melt vinyl plastic (PVC) coating in order to get a water resistant and wipe clean finish.

Cotton oilcloth is not to be mistaken with PVC vinyl fabric which is 100% plastic and can rip once sewn.

Cotton oilcloth is a much stronger, hard wearing fabric which makes it ideal for making bespoke bags. This fabric is also easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Oilcloths come in a traditional gloss finish with a high shine, or a subtle matt finish, leaving the result looking more like the original fabric. Both are as strong as each other, however the matt fabric offers more manipulation, making it easier for use with certain bag designs.

Oilcloth is much lighter in weight compared to the traditional leather equivalent, ensuring the bag is not as heavy once full!

Cotton oilcloth comes in such a variety of patterns there is sure to be something that appeals to everyone. In fact, the hardest part of purchasing one of my bags is deciding which fabric to choose first!

The number of Oilcloth designs is forever updating. I try my best to keep up with fashion trends and colours as well as classic patterns.

I hope you will see I have done my best to create bags that suit most requirements and uses.

However if you have any suggestions or comments on new designs you’d like to see, please email me with your ideas.